1. Swimming Venue, Swimming Pool, Bathing Pool Equipment and Technology
    swimming pool and related, pool entertainment equipment, swimming outer leisure equipment, ceramic tile and mosaic, lightnings, anti-slipping equipment, ventilating equipment of swimming pool and venue, heating equipment, safety devices and related outer equipment recycling and filtering system, water sterilizing system, maintaining and cleaning system, water quality testing equipment, water chemical material and related equipment.
  2. Swimming Related Facility, Equipment and Appliance
    swimming suit and cap, antibacterial tower, slipper, swimming fin, swimming glass, diving equipment, swimming teaching equipment, beach chair, sunshade, stand and lifesaving equipment etc.
  3. Therma Equipment
    therma equipment, filter, chlorinator, wall-hanging machine and ground burying machine, therma sterilizing equipment, hair aggregator, sewage sucking machine, disinfecting equipment, swimming pool controlling system, heating and thermostatic equipment, ozone equipment, ceramic tile and mosaic, plastics floor, anti-slipping mat, swimming pool coating, swimming pool SPA system, cloting and widing machine.
  4. Aqua Park
    aqua entertainment equipment, aqua slide, wave pool, surfing pool, screw slide, kid splashing, inflating park, inflating toy, moving aqua park.
  5. SPA Equipment
    SPA Equipment, SPA controlling system, SPA pool, SPA massage machine, therma machine, mineral therma SPA, medical SPA, cosmics caring equipment, body beautying equipment, nursing equipment, SPA coach, massaging bathtub, inflating bathtub, iron bathtub, acrylic bathtub, steel plate bathtub, massaging system and therma equipment etc.
  6. Landscape, Fountain Equipment
    Spring equipment, fountain equipment, water pump, controlling equipment, filter system, water show, water scenery, water screen film, music fountain, underwater LED, pipe, spraying, engine technology.
  7. Heat Pump System and Water Heating Equipment
    heat pump system, heat pump water heating, water boiling heat pump, managing and controlling system and energy saving water heating system and technology etc.
  8. Baby Swimming
    Baby swimming pool facility, baby swimming franchisee, solution for designing venue, baby bath, patenting premium pool, Baby SPA pool, Baby Natatorium, dehumidification and heat pump air-condition, Natatorium pump and related services.
  9. Locker and Storage Equipment
    locker, bench, cabinet, storage and lock etc.
  10. Others
    Swimming franchisee, swimming and SPA display, designing, construction, system software, training institute, services institute and Media etc